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In 2004 Connie, Yvette and Antoinette Richardson appeared on WTNH with a new idea in clothing. They demonstrated an item they had been selling in their shop and in local craft fairs for years, they called it "The Circular Scarf". In a few minutes they showed a small segment of the world their idea. Within a few weeks an entrepreneur had purchased a few of the scarves and within a short time the "Infinity Scarf" was everywhere. 
Learn more about this story and find out how you can get your original "Circular Scarf" hand-made by the inventor. 
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"I have over a dozen pieces!" - Ed Kaine

I received my first circular scarf as a gift in 2003. Finally I had something that wouldn't just fall off every time I leaned forward. And, unlike a neck warmer I could put it on easily. I now have Connie's hats, scarves, vests and sweaters... always unique and amazing!


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I am one of Connies' students. She's spectacular!

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